At the very crux of his career, DJ Cruze (given name Luis Gutierrez) was imparted knowledge in literary form. While nightlife and path building were all integral aspects towards gaining notoriety on the entertainment scene, DJ Cruze’s quest and mindset is amongst that of moguls and tastemakers; he sets out to build an empire in addition to a solid network of connects.

Rather than become categorized, DJ Cruze’s versatile style has set him apart from his competitors. No genre can classify this Entertainer; not Top40, Dance, Hip Hop, or House. DJ Cruze’s talent captivates every audience, by showing his truest form of showmanship.

Most known to date for his sets are shared but not limited to Hot 97 talents such as Dj Camilo, Prostyle from Power 1051Fm and Alex Sensation from La Mega 979Fm & Zol 106.7fm. In addition, Cruze has collaborated with industry stars such as to his Tracy DeMarco, Drita D’avanzo , Ramona Rizzo, DJ Khaled, DJ Yonny just to name a few.

DJ Cruze since last year has uploaded personal vlogs behind the scenes to show his audience the unseen, raw footage of things about the DJ world. His channel is growing at a rapid pace, you never know who show up in his next vlog.

Lives in: New Jersey – USA



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