alex rose

Alex Karr, aka DJ alex rose is a DJ and producer based in Vancouver, Canada. Since a young age he’d has a passion for music. Alex was raised on an eclectic mixture of Jack Johnson, Daft Punk, ACDC, Eminem and Bob Marley by his father who always said he’d listen to anything as long as it was good.

After being in rock bands, singing in jazz choirs, and making hip hop beats, he finally discovered his love for dance music after seeing Oliver Heldens and Tchami for the first time live.

alex rose brings a unique approach to blending the mainstream and underground of hip hop and dance music. With a rapid rise in the local club DJ scene of his hometown Vancouver, he is also known internationally for his original productions and online video content. He is also a co-founder of Stir Fry Records and the Owner of VANDJS, a DJ enthusiast brand.

Lives in: Vancouver – Canada



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